Holden VXR 4WD with Radar Cruise Distance Control

What a fantastic way to experience Mt Macedon.


Website for specs and pics

Holden VXR 4WD with Radar Cruise Distance Control coming to AU soon.

With only 2 in Australia and 200km on the clock was not allowed to drive so active passengerring was the way to go.

Will never look at a roundabout in the same way again!Holden VXR 4WD with Radar Cruise Distance Control


Amazon price bundling turns free shipping into unlimited video streaming

Amazons free shipping price bundle called ” Prime” gives annual subscribers free two day shipping. Unlimited video streaming has been added (with subscription fee increase) to the Prime offering.

Wired article here: <a href=”http://www.wired.com/2015/02/amazon-prime-one-bizarre-good-business-ideas-ever/”>http://www.wired.com/2015/02/amazon-prime-one-bizarre-good-business-ideas-ever/</a>

Opportunity to decrease Australian consumer goods prices by decreasing transport costs

Things are getting interesting now that 3D printing is firmly on the radar.
Australia is a long way by sea or air for imported goods that arrive via transportation methods that cost time and fuel.
The cost to internally distribute goods throughout Australia is also high given our relatively small population and vast distances.
Import/Export and internal distribution costs are a significant cost component of our everyday items.
In a world where clothing, spare parts and potentially cars prices are potentially able to be manufactured by a suitable variation of a 3D printer, importers, wholesale and retail will all be touched in someway by 3D printing and its impact on distribution costs.
I found the article below interesting and thought you might as well.